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12/05/2013 Summary of CASL regulations Committee Call

Summary and Q/A of revised CASL regulations as provided by Shaun Brown of nNovation Law Firm.

06/16/2014 Sample FBL email Committee Call

Deliverability & Compliance Committee: Sample ISP feedback loop letter for discussion

10/02/2018 Notes from 10/1 ESPC Legislative Committee Call Committee Call

Notes attached.

09/26/2018 Notes from 9/26 Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on privacy legislation Committee Call

Summary attached.

04/29/2014 Spamhaus data-services policy Committee Call

Article discussing Spamhaus policy towards data-services companies, distributed to ESPC Deliverability and Compliance Committee

04/08/2014 Yahoo changes DMARC handling Committee Call

Notice and links to supplemental information outlining changes in how Yahoo handles DMARC, distributed to Full Group and ESPC Deliverability and Compliance Committee

04/23/2014 AOL Changes DMARC handling Committee Call

Link to AOL Postmaster resource outlining changes to how AOL handling DMARC - p=reject, distributed to ESPC Deliverability & Compliance Committee

01/26/2017 Slides for January 26 ESPC Legislative Committee Call: What to expect from the Trump Administration Committee Call

Slides attached.

11/15/2016 ESPC 2016 Annual Meeting - Panel 1 Events

Panel 1: Receivers Panel Q&A; Moderated by James Koons, DotMailer

10/24/2017 2017 ESPC Annual Meeting - Session #5: Identity Guide for Marketers: A Best Practices Primer for Mobile & Cross-Device Tracking Events

2017 Annual Meeting: Session #5 - Identity Guide for Marketers: A Best Practices Primer for Mobile & Cross-Device Tracking; Eric John, Deputy Director, IAB

Slides attached