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11/29/2016 ICO issues fines for firms accused of sending millions of spam text messages News

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01/08/2018 Electronic Toy Maker VTech Settles FTC Allegations That it Violated Children’s Privacy Law and the FTC Act - Part 2 News

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03/04/2019 Agenda March 5 CA Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing News

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08/30/2016 The most absurd Internet privacy class-action settlement ever News

A decision has been handed down regarding lawsuit targeting Yahoo's practices of scanning emails for targeted ad purposes. The suit requires that Yahoo scan mail while it is at rest, rather than in transit. The decision also awards lawyers fees.

07/30/2015 Secret NSA map shows China cyber attacks on US targets News

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08/15/2016 WordToWise Posting on subscription attack News

Laura Atkins at WordToTheWise has posted a summary of the subscription sign-up attacks that ocurred over the weekend. 

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04/06/2017 Senate Commerce marks up MAIN STREET Cybersecurity Act News

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06/22/2015 EPIC hits Uber with complaint to FTC about user tracking News

EPIC filed a complaint against Uber with the FTC about its data collection practices with its mobile app. Link to complaint: 

07/19/2018 House FTC Oversight Hearing News


04/04/2016 Consumer Reports hit with reader data privacy class action suit News

Consumer Reports hit with privacy class action suit for allegedly selling subscription data.