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06/12/2017 Delay in Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation private right of action a common sense decision Press Release

The Canadian government's decisioin to delay the private right of action under CASL is a common sense result. 

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10/27/2016 CRTC settles alleged CASL violation with Blackstone Learning News

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07/17/2017 UK ICO publishes Annual report with operational performance statistics and information rights strategic plan for next 4 years. News

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10/16/2018 US credit card companies flout India's new law on personal data News

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09/03/2015 Student data protections are weighted in 46 states News

More schools are adopting technology to help personalize learning. The trend means schools also are collecting more student data, which has raised concerns in some areas about its use.

05/01/2017 The challenge of complying with China's new cybersecurity law News

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08/31/2018 Bi-partisan Senate quartet in talks on data privacy bill News

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07/24/2015 NH joins 8 other states that have restricted warrantless access to electronic device location data News

New Hampshire joins 8 other states in restricting warrantless access to electronic device data.

06/22/2016 Federal legislators are considering cyber security measure for retail sector News

Legislators are considering a directive for the Department of Commerce to team up with experts to create a cybersecurity initiative specific to the retail sector, according to a recent bill report, while also encouraging the department to address

03/15/2017 Canada seeks privacy assurances from US News

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