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07/15/2016 FTC issues warning letters to companies claiming APEC cross-border privacy certification News

The Federal Trade Commission has issued warning letters to 28 companies that claim certified participation in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperative’s Cross-Border Privacy Rules system on their websites but do not appear to have met the requirement

05/09/2017 Why Russia blocked 4 messaging platforms News

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07/14/2016 U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals rules against U.S. government in Microsoft case News

The 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals has just decided in favor of Microsoft over the company's refusal to hand over data stored in its Dublin servers.

05/03/2017 Hundreds of privacy-invading apps are using ultra-sonic sounds to track you News

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07/20/2015 Ashley Madison hacked, 37 users' data could be exposed News

Adult "dating" site has been hacked and the hackers are threatening to release the data files, including names and other personal details, of all 37 million users.

04/13/2016 EU Data Protection Authorities demand Privacy Shield clarifications News

European Data Protection Authorities demanded clarifications on key elements of the proposed EU-US Privacy Shield program.

02/16/2017 Departing Rich: FTC will stay Privacy, Security course News

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05/06/2015 New resource for tracking state policy developments News

EPIC is offering an new tool to track state policy issues:  

01/16/2018 Data leaks in ad supply chain to wreak havoc on GDPR compliance News

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02/24/2016 WilmerHale Summary of CA AG Data Breach Report News

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