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07/28/2016 U.S. companies lack knowledge of Canadian Anti-Spam Law News

CRTC issues an enforcement advisory telling businesses to keep track of consumers' consent to receive emails, as lawyers fear many U.S. businesses may not be aware of their obligations under Canadian Law.

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06/26/2015 OPM indicates worse than originally thought News

The head of OPM testifies that at least 18 million SSNs may bave been held in one of the breached OPM systems.

03/01/2017 Study: Email marketing to grow in 2017 News

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04/21/2015 FTC approves final order enforcing endorsement and testimonial guides' interpretation of Section 5 News

FTC approves Final Order against AmeriFreight, enforces Endorsement and Testimonial Guide interpretation of Section 5.

03/01/2016 WilmerHale Summary of EU - US Privacy Shield Agreement News

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11/14/2016 FTC announces agenda for Smart TV workshop News

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10/18/2016 FTC challenges 9th Circuit ruling that common carries are exempt from FTC jurisdiciton News

The FTC is challenging the 9th Circuit's ruling that common carriers are fully exempt from FTC jurisdiction.

06/19/2017 FTC announces agenda for Connected Cars Workshop News

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08/03/2015 Brian Krebs on email: "Like cutting off a limb to save the body" News

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07/27/2016 The Department of Commerce has published its new Privacy Shield website News

The U.S. Department of Commerce launched its Privacy Shield website, where businesses can begin self-certifiying to Privacy Shield Aug. 1. 

On a related note, the IAPP launched its EU-US Privacy Shield practice guide.