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08/04/2015 Senate Cyber Bill held up by Democrats over privacy protections; recess looming News

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09/30/2016 New UK Regulator says Yahoo breach probe just a start News

The new UK data protection regulator, Elizabeth Denham, said her office is probing both the Yahoo breach and WhatsApp's new data sharing arrangement with Facebook.

06/15/2017 IAB releases new mobile marketing guidelines, tackles cross-device targeting News

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08/04/2015 W3C, EFF publish "Do Not Track" standards News

The W3C and EFF have published "Do Not Track" standards:

11/16/2017 GDPR for marketers: Five examples of 'Legitimate Interests' News


08/05/2016 Hamburg's DPA aiming to challenge Privacy Shield News

Hamburg DPA plans to ask the Court of Justice of the European Union whether or not i tthinks the EU Privacy Commission decision to make a deal with the US for the Privacy Shield program is valid.

04/05/2017 IL "Right to Know" Bill trimmed News

Illinois state "Right to Know" bill has been limited to only allow the Illinois State AG to sue.

06/23/2015 Canada's Digital Privacy Act modernizes PIPEDA News

Portions of Canada's Digital Privacy Act receive Royal Assent, modernizes PIPEDA. Copy of article attached.

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03/03/2017 FTC: Online businesses could do more to protect their reputations and prevent phishing News

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09/19/2018 FTC Hearing on Competition and Consumer Protection, Day 1: Prepared remarks of Chairman Simons News

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