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02/24/2016 WilmerHale Summary of CA AG Data Breach Report News

Link to report:

Summary attached.

02/24/2016 Beacon Global Strategies memo on cybersecurity in 2016 News

File attached.

02/05/2016 CASL Survey - Please read News

Former members of Canada’s regulatory community, and policy experts, are interested in understanding the impacts of CASL—specifically to you and your operations.

02/04/2016 WilmerHale briefing document US-EU "Privacy Shield" Agreement News

WilmerHale has provided a briefing summary of the US-EU "Privacy Shield" Agreement. Summary attached.

02/03/2016 Article 29 Working Party update regarding US-EU Privacy Shield News

The Article 29 Working Party held a press conference to discuss the new US-EU Privacy Shield. A summary of the session is attached.

02/03/2016 US Commerce Department Fact Sheet on US-EU Privacy Shield News

The US Commerce Department issued a fact sheet on the new US-EU Privacy Shield. The document is attached.

02/03/2016 Article 29 Working Party Press Release on Privacy Shield Agreement News

Today, the Article 29 Working party issued a press release covering the new US-EU Privacy Shield Agreement and its analysis to date of that agreement. The content of that release is attached. Note that the emphasis in itallics is Reed's.

02/03/2016 Materials for 2/4/16 Full Group Call: Emerging Issues in Big Data and Analytics Full Member Call

FTC Sr. Staff Attorney Tiffany George, author of the FTC's report on Big Data, will be discuss the FTC's approach to Big Data and Analytics. Materials attached.

02/02/2016 The European Commission and the United States agree on new data transfer scheme News

Link to press release:

11/05/2015 OTA Presentation on Malvertising Risks and Remediation Full Member Call

Madelon Smith of OTA provides an overview of the growing malvertising problem on legitimate advertising networks and what can be done.

Slides attached.