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09/20/2016 16 State AGs ask PCC to drop ISP privacy plan News

16 state Attorneys general are urging the FCC to drop broadband privacy rules.

03/06/2017 UK ICO offers guidance for consent in the GDPR News

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07/27/2015 Battle lines form with latest student data privacy bill News

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10/30/2013 New Spamcop traps raise same old issues News

Blog posting by ESPC member Christine Borgia on updates on Spamcop.

06/30/2016 FTC raises civil penalty maximums to adjust for inflation News

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04/17/2017 Process reforms already underway at FTC News

Acting Chairman Ohlhausen is streamlining agency processes and improving transparency.

06/11/2015 Council of the EU agrees to compromise position on draft EU data protection regulation News

Representatives of the EU member states agreed to a

06/13/2018 UK ICO lists web and cross device tracking as 2018-21 priority News

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03/24/2016 CBL blacklist uptick News

Kelihos botnet has ramped up to "near meltdown flood levels," and blacklist teams have been working hard to keep things running.

01/03/2017 Law360: Privacy cases to watch in 2017 News

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