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04/22/2016 FTC's Rich provides insight on notice, choice, and persistent identifiers used in online advertising News

Jessica Rich, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection, addressed industry at the Network Advertising Initiative's recent Summit and shared her thoughts on the topics of notice, choice, and the use of persistent identifiers in online ad

02/16/2017 New York finalizes cybersecurity regulations News

The state of New York has finalized cybersecurity regulations for banks and insurers that came as a result of high-profile breaches at companies such as Target and Home Depot.

03/11/2018 Less than 20 weeks to the GDPR - What to do now? News

05/07/2015 EC considering updating and expanding cookie directive News

As part of its Single Market Strategy for Europe,

02/24/2016 EU Privacy Law for Marketers Before and After the GDPR -- From the Data Protection Network News

The ESPC and the Data Protection Network in the EU have signed a memorandum of understanding on the sharing of general information about the legal regimes in both

02/10/2017 FTC announces departure of Consumer Protection Bureau Director Rich News

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12/11/2017 What is information injury? The FTC wants to find out. News

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10/19/2016 European Court of Justice rules that IP addresses are Personal Data News

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06/15/2017 EU Parliament Committee recommends end-to-end encryption for all electronic communications News

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08/22/2018 Conde Nast, MI subscribers reach data privacy settlement News

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