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06/15/2017 Consumer groups, regulators must rethink enforcement of CASL News

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10/02/2018 US/Mexico/Canada pact covers data privacy, local storage rules News

Summary attached.

06/18/2015 Shutterfly complaint News

Shutterfly complaint. Article listed separately.

04/06/2017 The online ad industry is undergoing self-reflection. That's good news News

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03/14/2016 Time, Mansueto Ventures sued for alleged data-selling practices (Part 2) News

Two suites brought in Michigan for alleged violations of state privacy regulations. 

Copies of the suits attached to separate posts.

04/21/2015 Aaron's Law Bill text News

Text for Aaron's Law - Bill to be reintroduced.

02/15/2018 Google Chrome to block all ads on sites that don't comply with "Better Ads" News

02/03/2016 US Commerce Department Fact Sheet on US-EU Privacy Shield News

The US Commerce Department issued a fact sheet on the new US-EU Privacy Shield. The document is attached.

11/23/2016 Report shows email drives in-store, online Holiday shopping for Black Friday, Cyber Monday News

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01/08/2018 Electronic Toy Maker VTech Settles FTC Allegations That it Violated Children’s Privacy Law and the FTC Act - Part 1 News

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