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09/20/2018 Ohio Data Security Breach Law, Safe Harbor for data encryption News

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09/20/2018 Ohio Data Security Breach Law, Statute News

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01/27/2017 Olhausen to shift data security focus to actual harm News

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07/31/2015 OMB mulling cybersecurity guidelines for contractors News

Link to article (subscription required): http://www.law360.c

03/07/2018 OneTrust launches Universal Consent & Preference Management service News

10/06/2018 Opinion: Introducing the Internet Bill of Rights News

New York Times Opinion: Introducing the Internet Bill of Rights:

06/26/2015 OPM indicates worse than originally thought News

The head of OPM testifies that at least 18 million SSNs may bave been held in one of the breached OPM systems.

02/19/2014 OTA Event Notice - Member Memo

Announcement of Online Trust Alliance (OTA training event: Email Integrity, Security & DMARC Training - Keep from being Phished Tuesday, March 4, 2014

07/13/2016 OTA Event Notice - Webinar July 20, 2016 News

Wed, Jul 20, 2016 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PDT  Join OTA's deep dive into top trends in email security and authentication best practices seen in the 2016 Online Trust Audit. 

11/05/2015 OTA Presentation on Malvertising Risks and Remediation Full Member Call

Madelon Smith of OTA provides an overview of the growing malvertising problem on legitimate advertising networks and what can be done.

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