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04/23/2014 AOL Changes DMARC handling Committee Call

Link to AOL Postmaster resource outlining changes to how AOL handling DMARC - p=reject, distributed to ESPC Deliverability & Compliance Committee

06/08/2017 Apple employees in China detained for selling user data News

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03/30/2018 ARF calls for advertising standards to protect user data News

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12/12/2017 Art. 29 WP Update "Adequacy" Guidance for the GDPR News

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04/10/2017 Article 29 Working Party issues opinion on the ePrivacy Regulation News

The A29 Working Party has issued an opinion on the ePrivacy Regulation, urging that the Regulation be strengthened.

02/03/2016 Article 29 Working Party Press Release on Privacy Shield Agreement News

Today, the Article 29 Working party issued a press release covering the new US-EU Privacy Shield Agreement and its analysis to date of that agreement. The content of that release is attached. Note that the emphasis in itallics is Reed's.

04/13/2017 Article 29 Working Party publishes proposed guidelines for the GDPR's DPIA requirements News

Document attached.

12/07/2017 Article 29 Working Party Releases Guidelines on BCRs Under The GDPR News

Summary attached.

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12/06/2017 Article 29 Working Party releases report on the First Annual Review of Privacy Shield News

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02/03/2016 Article 29 Working Party update regarding US-EU Privacy Shield News

The Article 29 Working Party held a press conference to discuss the new US-EU Privacy Shield. A summary of the session is attached.