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04/13/2017 Concerns about China security may wall off data transfers News

Link to article (subscription may be required):

06/18/2015 Shutterfly hit with class action suit over facial recognition News

Shutterfly hit with privacy suit over facial recognition. Article attached. Complaint listed separately.

03/14/2016 Time, Mansueto Ventures sued for alleged data-selling practices (Part 1) News

Two suites brought in Michigan for alleged violations of state privacy regulations. 

Copies of the suits attached to separate posts.

01/05/2017 Summary of CASL cases to date News

Flowchart of CASL cases brought to date. Developed by CAUCE.

04/21/2015 CFAA Reform Bill (Aaron's Law) to be reintroduced News

CFAA Reform Bill to be reintroduced. Announcement attached. Text of bill attached separtely

12/08/2016 FCC's Wheeler pushes Internet of Things Cybersecurity Plan News

Article summary attached.

10/27/2017 BNA: Draft ePrivacy Regulation Clears Significant EU Parliament Hurdle News

Summary attached.

02/03/2016 Article 29 Working Party update regarding US-EU Privacy Shield News

The Article 29 Working Party held a press conference to discuss the new US-EU Privacy Shield. A summary of the session is attached.

08/30/2016 9th Circuit holds FTC has no jurisdiction over AT&T because of its status as a common carrier News

PDF of decision attached.

05/26/2017 TAG becomes 1st cybersecurity information sharing organization for digital ad idustry News

Press release attached.