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06/23/2015 Turn sued over use of Verizon "Supercookie" News

Turn is sued for using Verizon's "Supercookie." Article attached.

03/02/2017 US privacy organizations call for the annulment of the EU-US Privacy Shield News

Summary of article attached.

04/03/2015 Important new data protection case against Google News

This case (GOOGLE INC. v.

12/12/2016 FTC Workshop -- Privacy Advocates, Industry at Odds Over Potential Data Privacy Problems With Smart TVs News

Link to article: http://www6.lexisn

10/16/2013 Article: Police can invade your email News

Article summarizing result of Gov.

06/10/2016 EU delays vote on Privacy Shield, new language being added, considered News

Link to article:

06/15/2017 EU privacy chiefs spotlight US moves for data transfer review News

Link to article (subscription required): 

08/04/2015 Senate Cyber Bill held up by Democrats over privacy protections; recess looming News

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03/02/2016 German anti-trust agency probes Facebook data practices News

German anti-trust office is investigating Facebook to see if it abused its market dominance by infringing data protection rules.

05/05/2017 "Right-to-Know" data-selling bill passes Illinois Senate News

Legislation that would require websites and apps to notify Illinois consumers about what data the companies may collect and to whom they sell the data barely cleared the Illinois Senate on Thursday, creating doubt for its chances of success in the