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10/14/2016 Obama Administration says text-spam law is constitutional News

The Obama adminstration asked US District Court Judge to reject Facebook's motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending unwanted text messages.

06/23/2017 UK may face opposition to implementation of EU privacy regime News

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08/03/2015 Brian Krebs on email: "Like cutting off a limb to save the body" News

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07/27/2016 The Department of Commerce has published its new Privacy Shield website News

The U.S. Department of Commerce launched its Privacy Shield website, where businesses can begin self-certifiying to Privacy Shield Aug. 1. 

On a related note, the IAPP launched its EU-US Privacy Shield practice guide.

07/01/2015 FTC launches new "Start with Security" educational initiative; issues new data security business guidance News

FTC initiates new "Start with Security" educational initiative. The first document released includes new data security guidance for business drawn from enforcement actions. Summary attached.

04/10/2015 FCC may be investigating Verizon's "supercookie" News

Reports out today indicate that the FCC is investigating Verizon’s “Supercookie,” as confirmed by its letters in response to a request from Senators, Blumenthal, Markey, and Nelson.  The FCC appears to be getting more serious on privacy and data s

02/29/2016 Department of Commerce's document summarizing Privacy Shield Obligations News

Full text of US Department of Commerce summary of obligations under Privacy Shield.

Document attached. Summary under separate header.

11/17/2016 Adobe reaches settlement with state AGs over breach claims News

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12/12/2017 Update on the Preparation for Negotiations Over the EU ePrivacy Regulation News

On December 5, the Council (Member States) issued an

10/17/2016 Broadband privacy plan still flawed, carriers tell FCC News

Three of the nation's top mobile carriers have told the FCC they have concerns about the agency's revised privacy plan for broadband providers.