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08/26/2014 Call with Gmail FBL team Member Memo

Announcement of Full Group Call with Gmail FBL team and article by Andrew Bonor on resent developments with the Gmail FBL for preparation

06/05/2015 CA passes surveillance reform News

CA Senate wants warrants to be required for phone searches

08/23/2016 CA considering data security, geolocation rules News

CA is considering revising state law to include consumer biometric and geolocation data.

05/21/2014 CA AG report announcing CalOPPA DNT requirements Member Memo

California AG releases formal interpretation of CalOPPA DNT requirements

10/17/2016 Broadband privacy plan still flawed, carriers tell FCC News

Three of the nation's top mobile carriers have told the FCC they have concerns about the agency's revised privacy plan for broadband providers.

08/03/2015 Brian Krebs on email: "Like cutting off a limb to save the body" News

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08/24/2016 Brexit won't shift UK privacy law in the short-term News

Privacy analysts don't expect UK privacy law to change in the short-term as the UK works through a possible EU exit.

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10/20/2016 Brexit may undercut privacy compliance: UK official News

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11/30/2017 Brands Turning To Amazon, Looking For Safer Display Ad Platforms News


10/30/2017 BNA: Email services must protect message privacy Russian court finds News

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