Fighting Spam, Educating Members on Best Practices, Law, and industry Developments to Fight Spam and Protect Email and a Viable and Essential Communications Tool

Formed in November 2002, the ESPC's membership is comprised of many of the largest and most innovative technology providers in the email industry, including Email Service Providers (ESPs), Mail Transfer Agents, application and solution developers, and deliverability solutions providers. 

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Recent Happenings

Concerns about China security may wall off data transfers

FTC approves final orders resolving allegations over the misrepresentation of participation in international privacy programs

The FTC has announced that it has approved final orders with 3 companies that resolve allegationsn that they deceived consumers by misrepresenting their participation in the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Cross Boarder Privacy Rules.

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FTC blog post warns that FTC will enforce misleading Privacy Shield representations

The FTC published a blog posting warning US companies that it will enforce misleading representations regarding participation in the Privacy Shield Program.

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Process reforms already underway at FTC

Acting Chairman Ohlhausen is streamlining agency processes and improving transparency.

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