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07/27/2015 Battle lines form with latest student data privacy bill News

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03/30/2018 ARF calls for advertising standards to protect user data News

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03/14/2017 Cybersecurity Collaboration Bill Aims to Help Companies Combat Cyber Risk News

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07/07/2016 EC signs agreement with industry on cybersecurity and steps up efforts to tackle cyber-threats News

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06/11/2015 Council of the EU agrees to compromise position on draft EU data protection regulation News

Representatives of the EU member states agreed to a

11/02/2017 Updates from the UK ICO for November 2017 News


03/16/2016 "Privacy Shield" needs more work EU told News

Over two dozen advocacy groups have urged European Union leaders to reject the new trans-Atlantic "Privacy Shield," arguing that substancial reforms to US surveilliance laws and stronger privacy pledges are needed to make the pact work.

10/16/2018 US credit card companies flout India's new law on personal data News

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04/21/2015 FTC approves final order enforcing endorsement and testimonial guides' interpretation of Section 5 News

FTC approves Final Order against AmeriFreight, enforces Endorsement and Testimonial Guide interpretation of Section 5.

08/31/2018 Amazon sets sights on $88 billion online ad market News

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