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08/31/2018 Bi-partisan Senate quartet in talks on data privacy bill News

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03/14/2016 FCC broadband privacy rules set ISPs apart on liability News

The FCC released a proposed set of privacy and data security rules for ISPs that go well beyond requirements found in other industries, exposing them to increased regulatory and legal exposure.

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08/04/2015 Senate Cyber Bill held up by Democrats over privacy protections; recess looming News

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05/11/2017 President signs cybersecurity Executive Order News

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03/30/2018 ARF calls for advertising standards to protect user data News

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06/23/2015 Turn sued over use of Verizon "Supercookie" News

Turn is sued for using Verizon's "Supercookie." Article attached.

03/14/2017 Cybersecurity Collaboration Bill Aims to Help Companies Combat Cyber Risk News

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09/20/2016 16 State AGs ask PCC to drop ISP privacy plan News

16 state Attorneys general are urging the FCC to drop broadband privacy rules.

11/02/2017 Updates from the UK ICO for November 2017 News


06/12/2017 Delay in Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation private right of action a common sense decision Press Release

The Canadian government's decisioin to delay the private right of action under CASL is a common sense result. 

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