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04/27/2021 Venable Summary of House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce: The Consumer Protection and Recovery Act News

Venable summary of House Committee on Consumer Protection and Commerce hearing: The Consumer Protection and Recovery Act: Returning Money to Defrauded Consumers. Summary attached.

04/30/2015 House-passed Info-Sharing Bills Combined News

Engrossed (House passed) version of H.R. 1560, which combines the texts of the House Intelligence Committee’s bill (H.R. 1560) under Title I, and the House Homeland Security Committee’s bill (H.R. 1731) under Title II.

06/24/2016 US, EU agree to final adjustments to Privacy Shield News

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01/31/2017 Prof. Dan Solove: The future of the FTC on privacy and data protection News

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06/26/2017 EC's proposed E-Privacy revamp gets mixed reviews from lawmakers, stakeholders News

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06/13/2018 Vietnam passes cybersecurity law despite privacy concerns News

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04/24/2015 Comparison of 2 pieces of info-sharing legislation passed by the House 4/23-24 News

New report published by the Congressional Research Service comparing the House Intelligence and Homeland Security Committees' info-sharing bills. This report appears to be a comprehensive guide to the two bills.

01/27/2017 Olhausen to shift data security focus to actual harm News

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06/23/2017 UK may face opposition to implementation of EU privacy regime News

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06/13/2018 UK ICO lists web and cross device tracking as 2018-21 priority News

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