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09/17/2013 ESPC 2013 Annual Meeting Events

ESPC hosts 2013 Annual Meeting in Washington DC

10/20/2020 2020 ESPC Annual (Fall) Meeting Events

Program 1-4pm ET

05/10/2016 2016 ESPC Semi-Annual Meeting Events

ESPC 2016 Semi-Annual Event. Agenda attached.

Click to register.

09/07/2014 Christine Borgia - Working with Blocklists (updated) 2014 ESPC Annual Meeting Events

Session 1 Track 1 Deliverability / Authentication: Working with Blocklists - updated, Christine Borgia, Senior Director, Email Intelligence Group, Return Path

09/07/2014 Sam Silberman - DMARC and Related Standards - 2014 ESPC Annual Meeting Events

Session 2 Track 1 Deliverability / Authentication: DMARC and related standards, Sam Silberman, Director of Standards, Constant Contact

10/03/2016 Google cookie privacy suit crumbles as SCOTUS nixes review Events

The US Supreme Court has opted not to review a conumer complaint against Alphabet's Google and third party cookie practices.

Article attached.

04/01/2016 FTC announces fall Technology Series Schedule Events

The Federal Trade Commission has announced the schedule for a fall seminar series on emerging consumer technology issues.

09/07/2014 Alex Krylov - Using Big Data in Marketing Campaigns - avoid pitfalls - 2014 ESPC Annual Meeting Events

Session 1 Track 2 Regulatory / Legislative / Policy: Using Big Data in Marketing Campaign - Avoiding Potential Pitfalls, Alex Krylov, Digital Privacy and Compliance Lead, Experian 

05/08/2018 2018 ESPC Semi-Annual (Spring) Meeting Events

Join us for a full day of discussion on the tough issues facing our members. 

09/07/2014 Dennis Dayman/David Fowler - Preventing Malvertising in Email Campaigns - 2014 ESPC Annual Meeting Events

Session 3 Track 2 Regulatory / Legislative / Policy: Preventing Malvertising in Email Campaigns, Dennis Dayman, CPO, Return Path and David Fowler, CPO, Act-on Software