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01/27/2017 Olhausen to shift data security focus to actual harm News

Summary of article attached.

06/23/2017 UK may face opposition to implementation of EU privacy regime News

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06/13/2018 UK ICO lists web and cross device tracking as 2018-21 priority News

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04/30/2021 Update on status of FL HB 969 - Down to the wire! News


03/14/2016 Time, Mansueto Ventures sued for alleged data-selling practices (Part 2) News

Two suites brought in Michigan for alleged violations of state privacy regulations. 

Copies of the suits attached to separate posts.

11/07/2016 FCC Comments and FCC BIAS privacy/Security/Breach Order News

As noted earlier, the FCC has posted final rules regarding Broadband Internet Access Providers. Attached are the ESPC's comments submitted to the FCC in connection with the privacy/data security/data breach rulemaking process.

05/04/2017 New ad-tech consortium aims to rival Facebook, Google on targeting News

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01/22/2018 FTC Releases Annual Privacy and Data Security Update Summarizing its Privacy and Data Security Work in 2017 News

FTC releases 2017 privacy report.

Wilmer Hale blog post on report attached.

10/11/2018 ESPC Summary of 10/11/18 Senate Commerce Committee Hearing on consumer data privacy News

Summary notes on 10/10/18 Sentate Commerce Committee: Consumer Data Privacy: Examining Lessons from the EU's GDPR and CA's CCPA

10/13/2020 CA DOJ announces 3rd set of CCPA regulations News

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