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When did you find out about CASL?  How about the latest privacy report?  Thinking you’re a little behind in getting information on legislation that affects you and wish you could have a voice?   Feel like your legal department thinks about email and privacy after you tell them what’s going on?  How about the latest on Gmail’s feedback loop and emerging deliverability issues?  What about data security standards for our industry to help us avoid another year of bad press and strained customer relationships?  Enter the Email Sender & Provider Coalition (ESPC).

The ESPC was originally formed in 2002 to fight spam while protecting the delivery of legitimate email. Over the years, the ESPC has recognized the growing need for strong spam solutions but also for strong leadership at the forefront of the changing landscape that is the legislative process in the U.S., Canada and EU.  In the last 4 years, we’ve been a substantial voice on CASL, other privacy and email-related policy debates, and discussions about potential legislation and regulation.

If your company is an ESP or a company that relies heavily on email for marketing and consumer communications looking for the kind of voice and policy leadership the ESPC can offer; talk to us about membership.

Why the ESPC might be the right organization for you:


  • The ESPC is a long-standing and widely respected organization in the email and marketing arenas; and
  • While we have focused on fighting spam and protecting email deliverability, we have been leaders in public policy, actively engaged in driving global legislative change.


The ESPC shares common interests with other privacy/security leaders, gives marketers a voice in the privacy debate; and provides action-based discussions on what you can do and how you can engage. We provide an open forum for asking questions and accessing vital information about the issues that affect you and your business. We also provide prime opportunities to learn from top thinkers and thought leaders from across the email, privacy, and public policy spectrum.

Join the ESPC so you can be the first to know—instead of being the last to know—and have a voice.

Contact us if you would like to speak with someone from the ESPC about membership.