Friday, February 5, 2016

Former members of Canada’s regulatory community, and policy experts, are interested in understanding the impacts of CASL—specifically to you and your operations.  The ESPC represents a great swath of 3rd party mailers and large-scale mailing operations outside of Canada that may be doing business within Canada.  The direct members of the ESPC are too well versed in CASL to provide unbiased data.  However, we would like to enlist you, our ESPC members, to circulate this survey among your colleagues at your respective companies, to partake and provide data on how they understand CASL and its implementation. 

To accomplish please ask your colleagues, the ones that work with companies to send email, from individuals that may be involved in targeting/segmentation to account managers (basically anyone responsible for ’sending’ email to recipients in Canada) to fill out ( this survey on express consent. Their answers will help shed light on how the law is perceived and the steps companies outside of Canada are taking to be compliant.

This survey is 100% anonymous—no identifying data about you or your company, or the company filling out the survey, will be recorded or shared.  This survey is purely informational to help policy experts in Canada, and outside of Canada, understand what kind of education might be useful in achieving greater compliance.  The results will be presented around the Email Evolution Conference and made available to you and your client companies. 

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