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08/03/2015 BNA Breaking News: Senate Cybersecurity Information-Sharing Bill Moves News

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) this evening moved to proceed to S.

07/31/2015 OMB mulling cybersecurity guidelines for contractors News

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07/31/2015 FTC blog offers password advice to consumers, businesses News

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07/30/2015 Secret NSA map shows China cyber attacks on US targets News

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07/29/2015 Android Stagefright vulnerability puts 950 million devices at risk News

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07/29/2015 German regulators order Facebook to allow pseudonyms News

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07/29/2015 7th Circuit erodes harm barrier in Neiman breach case News

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07/28/2015 Google Adsense publishers must now obtain EU visitor consent before collecting data News

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07/27/2015 NTIA Continues Work on Facial Recognition Code of Conduct Amid Boycott by Advocacy Groups; Draft Code of Conduct Expected at Next Meeting News

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07/27/2015 Battle lines form with latest student data privacy bill News

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