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06/14/2018 The Battle Over California Privacy Ballot Initiative Looms Large in 2018 News

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05/01/2014 Tracking, Targeting, and Reporting in New Post-Cookie World Full Member Call

NAI President and CEO Marc Groman will discuss "Tracking, Targeting, and Reporting in a New, Post-Cookie World"

03/17/2016 "Audio Beacons" are on the FTC's cross-device tracking radar News

The FTC has issued warning letters encouraging 12 unamed app developers to provide clear disclosures about any use of "audio beacon" technology to monitor television viewing activity.

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10/09/2020 "Do Not Track" is back, and this time it might work News

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03/16/2016 "Privacy Shield" needs more work EU told News

Over two dozen advocacy groups have urged European Union leaders to reject the new trans-Atlantic "Privacy Shield," arguing that substancial reforms to US surveilliance laws and stronger privacy pledges are needed to make the pact work.

05/05/2017 "Right-to-Know" data-selling bill passes Illinois Senate News

Legislation that would require websites and apps to notify Illinois consumers about what data the companies may collect and to whom they sell the data barely cleared the Illinois Senate on Thursday, creating doubt for its chances of success in the

09/20/2016 16 State AGs ask PCC to drop ISP privacy plan News

16 state Attorneys general are urging the FCC to drop broadband privacy rules.

09/09/2015 2015 ESPC Annual Meeting Events

ESPC Annual Meeting. Agenda attached.

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11/15/2016 2016 ESPC Annual Meeting - Register Now! Events

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05/10/2016 2016 ESPC Semi-Annual Meeting Events

ESPC 2016 Semi-Annual Event. Agenda attached.

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