Fighting Spam, Educating Members on Best Practices, Law, and industry Developments to Fight Spam and Protect Email and a Viable and Essential Communications Tool

Formed in November 2002, the ESPC's membership is comprised of many of the largest and most innovative technology providers in the email industry, including Email Service Providers (ESPs), Mail Transfer Agents, application and solution developers, and deliverability solutions providers. 

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Recent Happenings

ESPC 2016 Annual Meeting - Panel 4

Panel 4: How to Avoid Malvertising Leading to Phishing and Other Problems; Gene Gusman, Experian Marketing Services

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ESPC 2016 Annual Meeting - Panel 5

Panel 5: Global Email Marketing Compliane & Risk Management for Today's ESP; Heather Goff, Oracle Marketing Cloud, and Alex Krylov, Experian Marketing Suite

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UK ICO enforcement action

The UK Information Commissioner's Office (ICO) has announced an enforcement action against Nouveau Finance Ltd. alleging that the company had contracted with a marketing services service provider to carry out a text campaign, but failed to check tha tthis company had complied with the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003. As a result, over 2.2 million marketing text messages were unlawfully distributed, resulting in a significant fine.

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Tide to turn on rogue email marketers with personal fines, a year before GDPR