Fighting Spam, Educating Members on Best Practices, Law, and industry Developments to Fight Spam and Protect Email and a Viable and Essential Communications Tool

Formed in November 2002, the ESPC's membership is comprised of many of the largest and most innovative technology providers in the email industry, including Email Service Providers (ESPs), Mail Transfer Agents, application and solution developers, and deliverability solutions providers. 

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Recent Happenings

Obama Administration says text-spam law is constitutional

The Obama adminstration asked US District Court Judge to reject Facebook's motion to dismiss a lawsuit alleging it violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act by sending unwanted text messages.

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Yahoo's reported NSA assist complicates Privacy Shield

Recent reports that Yahoo secretly scanned user email accounts at the request of US intelligence officials will ramp up tensions between federal investigators and domestic service providers, but may also spell trouble for the US-EU Privacy Shield.

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Slides for today's Full Group Call - The Power of Deliverability Strategic Services

Totay's topic: The Power of Deliverability Strategic Services, presented by Daniel Deneweth Oracle Marketing Cloud.

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New UK Regulator says Yahoo breach probe just a start

The new UK data protection regulator, Elizabeth Denham, said her office is probing both the Yahoo breach and WhatsApp's new data sharing arrangement with Facebook. Denham announced her intention to place a significant focus on boosting consumer confidence in businesses' ability to safely handle data.

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