Fighting Spam, Educating Members on Best Practices, Law, and industry Developments to Fight Spam and Protect Email and a Viable and Essential Communications Tool

Formed in November 2002, the ESPC's membership is comprised of many of the largest and most innovative technology providers in the email industry, including Email Service Providers (ESPs), Mail Transfer Agents, application and solution developers, and deliverability solutions providers. 

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Recent Happenings

2017 ESPC Semi-Annual Meeting - Session 4: Practical Steps for preparing for compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive

ESPC 2017 Semi-Annual Meeting - Session 4: Preparing for compliance with the GDPR and ePrivacy Directive

Presenters: Alex Krylov (Experian) and Heather Goff (Oracle)

Copy of slides attached.

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New ad-tech consortium aims to rival Facebook, Google on targeting

"Right-to-Know" data-selling bill passes Illinois Senate

Legislation that would require websites and apps to notify Illinois consumers about what data the companies may collect and to whom they sell the data barely cleared the Illinois Senate on Thursday, creating doubt for its chances of success in the House and on the governor's desk. 

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NAI, DAA release updated consumer choice tools