Fighting Spam, Educating Members on Best Practices, Law, and industry Developments to Fight Spam and Protect Email and a Viable and Essential Communications Tool

Formed in November 2002, the ESPC's membership is comprised of many of the largest and most innovative technology providers in the email industry, including Email Service Providers (ESPs), Mail Transfer Agents, application and solution developers, and deliverability solutions providers. 

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Recent Happenings

Privacy Shield sign ups begin

Privacy Shield sign ups begin as UE offers redress advice.

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WilmerHale Privacy Shield Primer for Compliance and Self-certification is attached.

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Survey shows EU citizens see need for cookie directive update

BNA reports that a survey of EU citizens overwhelmngly agree that the e-Privacy Directive needs an update.

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Hamburg's DPA aiming to challenge Privacy Shield

Hamburg DPA plans to ask the Court of Justice of the European Union whether or not i tthinks the EU Privacy Commission decision to make a deal with the US for the Privacy Shield program is valid.

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Microsoft, others commit to Privacy Shield Data Transfers

Microsoft, Salesforce, and more than 30 other companies will take advantage of new Privacy Shield mechanism for data transfers from the EU to the US.

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