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Email is an excellent channel for mailers to establish and maintain valuable relationships with their subscribers. There are multiple stages of such a relationship, and in order to maximize the value of the relationship, mailers should be attentive to the application of best practices. The ESPC Best Practices Guide is to be used in conjunction with the ESPC Membership Pledge. The Best Practices Guide enhances the Membership Pledge by outlining specific practices that are recommended for use by ESPC members. By following these recommended best practices, mailers will improve their relationship with recipients which in turn will reduce complaints and increase subscriber response. Equally as important, adoption of the best practices shows member support of the ESPC's efforts to be at the forefront of industry best practices.

ESPC Email Best Practices Guide

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To ensure compliance and optimal deliverability to the ISPs, please refer to the ISPs Postmaster sites which contains additional ISP specific Best Practices for both senders and receivers:


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